How helpful is the casein-gluten-free diet in autism?

According to the 30 years of different research and opinions of authorities, the answer is YES. Diet Intervention in Autism is an effective way to treat autism.

Yet Autism Diet Intervention is a very important concept backed with several different evidence research, it still needs more discussions and blogs to convince people that special diets help a lot of people with autism. That's why, we decided to share the experiences and research-backed blogs to inform you about autism diet.

The intestines of autistic children are extremely permeable; therefore gluten and casein proteins can not be digested; which is presumed to have caused neural stimulation in the brain. The gluten-casein diet (GFCF Diet: Gluten Free-Casein Free Diet) is widely applied to children with autism.

It should not be forgotten that the gluten-casein diet leads to severe protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Especially in the age of growth, it can not be denied that cereals and plums which are very important food sources are important. Therefore, it should first be investigated whether the child has gluten-casein intolerance or allergies. If intolerance or allergy is detected, gluten-casein diet, like all diets, must also be closely monitored and controlled by specialists.

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