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Vitamin Mineral Support in Autism

The importance of vitamins in autism is now generally accepted and the relationship between bowel health and brain functions has been taken into account. Vitamins are sources we definitely need for body health.

Vitamin Needs of Autistic Children

It is thought that many vitamins and minerals may be deficient in their bodies due to the hypothesis that the intestines of children with autism are too permeable and that they are very selective in nutrition. The most important of these vitamins and minerals is vitamin B6 and magnesium mineral. It was determined that lack of B6 vitamins affects the central nervous system functioning in children. Magnesium is a mineral that supports bone formation, maintains nerve and muscle cells, and enhances the functioning of the enzymes in the body.

Especially, Problems of vitamin D synthesis have been identified especially in situations affecting brain functions such as autism, PDDNOS, hyperactivity impairment. It has been observed that children with autism and similar problems and VDR-Fok genetic mutations in a majority of depressed people. The interest of vitamin D in mental health has now begun to be discussed as a separate discussion topic. (

Vitamin Mineral Support in Autism

Different perspectives about vitamin and magnesium supplements

The results of studies on the effects of vitamin B6 and magnesium supplementation on the behavior of children with autism contradict each other. While positive effects were reported in studies where experimental control was low, studies with high experimental control showed no effect. Therefore, there is a need for extensive participatory and controlled experimental research.

Experimental studies do not yet support that this method has had a positive effect on every autistic child. That’s why, it is strongly recommended to getting medical recommendations before starting the vitamin supplement treatment. Also, there are several healthy autism diets you can try and get results on our previous blog posts.


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Neuro Feedback Method in Autism

Neuro-feedback is a method that aims to teach someone how to normalize different brainwaves by exercising normally. With the electrodes placed on the head, the child’s brain waves are transferred to a computer with the necessary writing. The program converts these waves into an animation that the user can easily perceive.

Neuro Feedback Practices in Autism Treatment

The user can control the game with his brain while watching this animation in the computer game format; when the attention to the game is intensified, the brain starts to earn points in the game because it passes to the appropriate electrical activity; if you distract yourself from the game control.

In long-term practice, parents reported that they observed some positive behavioral developments in their children. In addition, two empirical studies published in the Research in ASD magazine have found that in some autistic children this practice causes changes in brain waves and certain behaviors.

In order to reach a final judgment, similar investigations must be continued and researches with autistic children in different characteristics are required. More importantly, the positive results of daily life should be shown.

Neuro Feedback Method in Autism

Is Neuro Feedback Method trusted?

This method has emerged as an alternative treatment with medication and nowadays attention deficit hyperactivity, learning disorders, autism, paralysis, head trauma, uncontrollable epilepsy, alcohol and substance dependence, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, athletes, musicians, dancers can be used to increase performance is suggested.

However, studies in all these areas are lacking in scientific evidence and evidence. It is thought-provoking that there is no work to ensure that a treatment method with nearly 40-50 years of history is accepted by a wider segment of the scientific world.

It is known that in patients suffering from psychiatric or neurological disorders, it is possible to apply NF therapy with the same treatment protocol, assuming that the patients have only one EEG feature.

A more trusted treatment method would be Autism Diets for children with special needs.

Kouijzer, M.E.J et al. (2010). Neurofeedback treatment in autism. Research in ASD, 4, 386-399.

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Heavy Metals Removal in Autism

Lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic etc. are thought that heavy metals with toxic properties may cause autism. However, when the researches on this subject are examined, it is seen that this thinking does not go beyond a hypothesis.

The Effects of Heavy Metals in Autism

Mercury, one of the toxic heavy metals mentioned, is also present in measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccines. A research was conducted on hundreds of autistic children by 19 scientists from 13 different universities to investigate the relationship between these vaccines and autism. The results of this study show that there is no relationship between the emergence of autism signs and this vaccine (Richlerve et al., 2006).

Although there is no association between heavy metals and autism, heavy metal chelation treatment is frequently used in children with autism.

Heavy Metals Removal in Autism

Heavy Metal Chelation Treatment in Autism

Removal of heavy metals aims to remove toxic heavy metals from the body by vegetative or chemical means. Some plants, such as coriander, are commonly used in metal scrapping by vegetative means. Some medicines are used in chemical throws. It is not known exactly how the application of herbal, if necessary chemical, metal pellets affects other systems in the body. However, very serious side effects can occur with these applications, up to the deaths. Hence, many health organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, warn that such treatments should not be practiced unless it is very necessary.

As a result, treatment with heavy metal removal can only be recommended for children who have proven to be affected by heavy metals and who have features that are appropriate for this treatment (eg kidney, liver, and bone marrow). In the majority of autistic children, such a situation can not be detected.

Rather than Heavy Metal treatment, there has been several effective alternative treatment methods for autism which can be used with a doctor’s opinion.


Richler, J. (2006). Is there a “regressive phenotype” of autism spectrum disorder associated with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine? A CPEA study. Journal of Autism and and Developmental Disorders, 36, 299-316.

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Glutin-Casein-Free Diet For Autistic People

There are a ton of different food varieties which are highly recommended to people with autism, since these foods contain high level of antioxidants. These list of foods are:

Recommended Foods for Autistic People

  • Lentils, boiled peas, chickpeas, fresh beans, peas and so on.
  • Walnuts, nuts, peanuts, almonds and so on. hard-shelled fruit
  • Citrus fruits, apricots, blackheads, cranberries, cherries, cherries, currants, red and black grapes, other fruits
  • Cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, chard, radish and beetroot leaves, turnip, mustard leaf, mint, parsley and so on. wild herbs
  • Garlic, onion, leek

Also, there are some prohibited food varieties which contain highly detrimental particles and might be harmful if your child eats too much. These foods are;

Prohibited Foods for Autistic Individuals

  • Foods containing milk and its derivatives (yoghurt, cheese, etc.). Made with goat milk can be eaten.
  • Soya bean, wheat, barley. breads made of oats, rye and flour, noodles, pasta, noodles, tarhana, flour balls (wheat, barley, oats, rye flour)
  • Wheat flour and all sorts of sweet cuts made from cut (baklava, flour, semolina, kadayıf, tulumba, etc.)
  • Dishes made of stale bread loaves and bulgur
  • Bulgur wrapped vegetables and fillets, dried fruits
  • All seafood (including those grown in the pond). Sea bulb, cholera and spirulina can be used.
  • Fried potatoes, soybean oil and margarine, reduce sunflower and corn oil significantly

Glutin-Casein-Free Diet For Autistic People

If your children got bored of our recommended list, there are also some foods which both are not beneficial or harmful. Here is the several different options which are free to consume:

  • Goat milk and products (yoghurt)
  • Butter, cream
  • Red meat, poultry, traditional bacon, sausage
  • Egg
  • Rice pilaf, rice flour, breads made from gluten-free flour or corn flour, cakes, muffins, etc.
  • Dry beans
  • Rice and vegetable soups (including potatoes), freckled grains (plain and meaty)
  • All kinds of vegetables and fruits
  • Molasses, honey, jam, marmalade
  • Animal oils, olive oil
  • Nuts


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Appropriate Diets for Children with Autism

According to an assumption, gluten found in cereals such as wheat, barley, oats and rye, and casein, which is found in milk, lead to hypothyroidism in some children. Gluten and casein are protein and protein found in grains and milk. Some children who consume cereal, milk and dairy products are claimed to exhibit various behavioral problems because they can not tolerate the proteins found in these products; it is suggested that these children have allergies to gluten and tobacco.

According to the theory, gluten and casein substances dissolve in the intestines of these children and turn into peptides, then reach into the brain by mixing with the blood, causing serious damage to the brain. The brain is numbing, weakening or breaking the connection of the child to its surroundings.

Results and Differences of Autism Diets

Some tests indicate that the child is susceptible. Under a specialist supervision for a certain period of time, a diet without gluten and casein is applied. If there are positive and meaningful differences in the behavior of the child with the diet, the diet is continued.

It is thought that allergies arising from food are caused by autistic signs and problem behaviors. It is based on the hypothesis that substances such as preservatives and salicylates, especially in sugar and ready-to-eat foods, cause autistic behavior and excessive motility. In the course of treatment, the consumption of foods estimated to cause allergies is prohibited and the child is observed for a certain period of time. If positive discrepancies are found, it will continue. The duration of the diet is 6 months. If there is no obvious improvement in the development and behavior of the child at the end of this training, it should not be continued. Despite no positive developments, there are many families who have continued their diet for many years. This must be another way of suffering the child.

Appropriate Diets for Children with Autism

List of dietary gluten, casein and soy-free foods

Consistency in diet is very important; because some families practice the diet for 6 days very well, but on the seventh day they can give the prohibited foods to the child. Prohibited foods must be kept at places where the child will not be able to reach or even see. A child should not be seated in a table with prohibited food.

Below is a list of dietary gluten, casein and soy-free diets that are appropriate for children with autism:

Food that should not be given to the child:

  • Milk and milk products such as yogurt, cheese, butter,
  • Soybeans, wheat, barley, oats, rye and all other foods containing it (pasta, noodles, bulgur pilaf etc.)
  • All of the milk and dough desserts,
  • Sausage, bacon,
  • Pastries, donuts, pretzels, breads, etc. foods,
  • Dried fruits,
  • All seafood.

Food that can be given (but not too much) to the child:

  • Red meat,
  • Tatsu water fish,
  • Meat and eggs of poultry such as chicken and turkey,
  • Rice (food made from rice flour and starch)
  • Corn (corn flour and starch food)
  • Dry beans
  • Nuts (walnuts, nuts, peanuts, almonds, seeds, roasted chickpeas, etc.)
  • All the fruits,
  • All vegetables and all vegetables made with vegetables,
  • Molasses, honey, jam, marmalade and so on. sugary foods and sweets.
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How to start a gluten-free diet?

When both gluten and casein are removed from the diet, the two diets do not start at the same time if there is an undesirable deprivation. We start without accident.

How to start without gluten-free diet?

At the beginning of the diet cows, buffaloes and sheep milk are cut. Since they contain less caseinomorphin instead of fermented products such as yoghurt, and cheese made from goat milk. (We do not recommend milk as milk to any child). Within 3-4 weeks goat milk products are slowly cut off. The diet usually has a positive effect within three to four weeks. It takes 1-2 years for the casein to be completely cleaned from the body.

Gluten-free diet starts with sour dough with less gluten. Meanwhile, gluten-free flour is used if flour is to be added to the food. Within 1-2 months, the sour dough is slowly cut down and the bread is completely cut into gluten free bread. The positive effects of the diet begin to appear within a few months. The abstinence statement will not be as severe as it was in the past. It also takes about 1-2 hours to clean the neighboring gluten molecules.

When will the gluten-free diet be discontinued?

Ideal for two years. But it should be applied for at least one year. Before the accidentless diet breaks down. However, if there are recurrences in autistic behaviors such as insomnia, anger, anxiety, fatigue, day and night sweats, hyperactivity, constipation or diarrhea, whining, stomach problems, perception disorder, makes. Then the same gluten-free diet is degraded.

Gluten-free diets are expensive and their application is extremely difficult. You have to spend a lot of time implementing this diet and be very knowledgeable. According to the recommendations of many experts, this diet should be applied for at least three months. When all of this is evaluated together, parents who want to see a development in their child as a result of this diet may report that they have observed an improvement, although there is no real improvement in the child. We also need to remember that many children, with a special diet, can acquire many new skills in three months. Apart from these, by implementing such diets, these diets, which can lead children with gastrointestinal disorders to less stress-free and comfortable metabolism, can positively affect the family and the child.

How to start without gluten-free diet


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How can I remove the Foods containing Gluten from my life?

Everyone has the idea that milk products from the diet can be removed more easily, but they can not decide how to remove gluten and do not dare.

It requires a lot of work. Many people are wondering if it really is necessary. What you need to understand is that these substances are toxic to some children’s brains.

For some, it is more important to remove the gluten diet from taking the case. Are you ever intentionally poisoning your child, but if it is in this category, it is the only thing you will definitely do. For those in this group, autism is definitely harming the brain that develops food.

General Advice about Gluten Free Autism Diets

This diet should be tried for at least 3 months. It can take time to see the results.

You should not fool yourself! Gluten is everywhere. He has been hidden in your many meals. It can even be found in foods you can not think of. You can use it to make soups, sauces, sugars, corn chips, breads, pastas, etc. It is within.

As such, casein is present in all dairy products. There are many things with cheese, cream, sauces, butter, yogurt, ice cream and milk. Gluten-free and accident-free diet is messy.

But it makes incredible changes. We are happily receiving phone calls from many families. They report great progress in their kids.

How can I remove the Foods containing Gluten from my life

Successful Examples of Autism Diet

For example, news reports that he was unfamiliar with the news reported that he was the first to establish an eye contact with an autistic child’s family, that he could go to a NORMAL elementary school for the first time, and that a family began playing with other children outside on a 4 week diet when their 4 year old boys constantly hit their heads.

This diet may not be effective in all children. Nonetheless, GFCF (gluten-free + caseless diet) excellently influenced the vast majority of autistic individuals within a few weeks. There is no harm in trying this out. You can try it without giving gluten and casein in a 6-week trial.

If it is difficult to remove gluten and casein from the diet at the same time, take the case first from the diet (milk) then you will take the rest (whole wheat, barley, rye, semolina).


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Is Your Autistic Child Addicted to the Gluten?

“The only food my child can eat is wheat and milk. His diet consists of cheese, pasta, hamburger, crispy, chips, bread, yogurt milk and milk desserts. If he came out of his diet, I’m afraid he will starve to death. ”

There are the words of Diane Karen, an autism mom. These words are the common words of many mothers.

“We must have a good reason to remove these foods from their diet,” adds Karen.

Like opium, opium is very addictive. If your child is consuming more than normal level of meat and milk, or  in fact, it is PROTEIN in any food, it is a type of addictive crime.

Is Your Autistic Child Addicted to the Gluten?

Many families say that when they first retreat to this type of food, they are beginning to change their usual eating habits in their children, and other foods seem to increase their desire to eat.

It seems that in a few weeks they have developed their pricing that they will be surprised by their families.

Is Your Autistic Child Addicted to the Gluten

What Should My Children Do Without Milk?

Americans are grown up believing that smoking is necessary for good health. It is built on the great efforts of the American Dairy Association.

Many families think that it is their duty for their children to feed as much milk as possible. In fact, this diet is good for healthy children. But cow’s milk comes from baby cats best. In fact, the presence of a hormone in the cow’s milk that blocks the absorption of calcium in humans has also been identified.

Be Careful! To remove all dairy products from the diet, milk, butter, cheese, cream cheese, cream, yoghurt, etc. vb. You also need to look at the contents of the products. For example, my wife has labeled breads and milk on a tuna fish. Even soya cheese contains cashew nuts.

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Gluten Free And Casein Free Diet Can Help You

Many doctors now give the prescription of new gluten free diet. 8-40 autistic children benefited greatly from this diet. Only 1 year ago this was a completely anecdote. But now the Defeat Autism Now protocol recommends that every autistic child should be subjected to a Gluten-free and Casein-free diet for at least 3 months.

The expression of a mother is like this:

“Hi, I like your website. You have enabled our 3-year-old child to resume life by launching Gluten Free Diet. In just 6 months, we’ve seen amazing results. We have never reached our treatment goals until todayBut at this point, we have reached its goals of speech and activity

Thank you very much ”

Connection Between Autism and Gluten Free

Briefly, Gluten is a type of Protein. Casein is also another type of protein.

GLUTEN is a protein fraction found in whole grains such as WHEAT, BARLEY, RYE, OAT. Casein is a protein fraction found in all Dairy Produts. Many autistic children are affected by gluten and casein poisoning. They create permeability in the intestine and undigested foods are linked to dependency (opiate) receptors in the brain of the autistic person.

In fact, many autistic children are fed as if they were given morfine, as if wheat and dairy products were being eaten. Although they learn that AIDS is a link between AIDS and DIET, there are important researches that show that there are some foods that affect the causes of autistic behavior and developing brains.

gluten free autism diet


Gluten and Casein Allergy

Gluten and casein are not ALLERGY. That’s why many children can not break down some proteins. Researchers in Norway and the University of Florida in the UK have recently found that peptides (protein degraded form) undergo opiate activity in urine, which is an important percentage of autistic children.

Opiates are drugs that resemble morphine and influences brain functioning. These inventions have been proven in Johnson & Johnson’s clinic. The reason for this is the 2 important substances Gluten and Casein.